Friday, November 21, 2008

Winter Post

I couldn't help myself with this one, I HAD to do it! This is for my son who hates the skaters in this set, I wanted to make him laugh. I cut out the skaters and slid them through a slit in the paper pond which was outlined in Crystal Effects. The rest of the card is just the same as my swap card two entries down, this is what happens when you have leftover pieces and too much time on your hands.


Joan Ervin said...

Heeheehee!!!! This cracks me up, Joanne!!! Love you sence of humor!!! The card is sooo pretty with all the gorgeous details right down to the water made from ce!!! Hope the skaters get rescued....I know CPR!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh too fun!!! I'm not crazy about these two skaters either, so I burst out laughing when I saw this! I'm sure your son did too!

JulieA said...

LOL, I love it! I'm so glad you made this card, after talking about it. I showed it to my 12 y.o. son and he definitely approved!

sandi said...

to funny, home your son enjoyed it.
Beautiful card, I think you should send it to a relative for christmas just for the reaction