Sunday, May 11, 2014

Card from my son

This is the card that my son made for me for Mother's Day and it filled my heart with joy. He waited until I went to bed last night and assembled all of the ingredients and planned out a design. My absolute favorite part of this was when I went down into my stamp room this morning and saw just what went into this and the beautiful mess that he made making it. It made me cry. To see that he stamped the sentiment numerous times and used the oval punch until he had it perfect, using computer paper to practice so he wasn't wasting cardstock. Arranging and re-arranging the layout until he had something that he liked, mixing and matching color combinations, trying different ribbons, measuring one of my cards for the proper size. You could see all of the careful planning in the evidence left behind and it made the card all the more precious to me. He laughed when I told him this and said it's good to know that I think it is so wonderful when he doesn't clean up after himself :)
Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there! Hope your day is filled with love and joy.

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