Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Celebrating One Million visits!

I am so thrilled that my Sleepy in Seattle card making blog has just hit one million views! Thank you for stopping by to visit me, it means a lot to me if I can inspire or motivate you in some small way to go and create something. It always brings me peace and joy to work on any kind of craft, and has ever since I was a kid. I would say it is cheaper than any therapy but if you could see my craft room you would know that is not true! So, go and make something pretty today. Especially if you have children at home that can craft by your side, you are also making memories that will last a lifetime.

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mudmaven said...

Congratulations on your milestone Joanne! I know I am always inspired by your blog. I can sympathize with the whole "cheaper than therapy" thing - my craftroom also can attest to the fact that sometimes maybe it just isn't, but it is always worth it! I now craft with my grandchildren and they are as enthusiastic as I am! Good memories and really fun projects! ~chris