Friday, June 3, 2016


So, last week I accidentally dropped my husband's digital camera in the (clean) toilet. I quickly retrieved it and removed the battery and film card and dried it as thoroughly as I could. All day long I worried about what Jim's reaction would be when he got home, I would never dream of telling him while he was still working so as not to ruin his day. Well, when he heard he was calm as can be and said things happen, don't get too upset. He immediately began looking for the latest and greatest model and it turns out he was looking for an excuse to buy a new one for a long while. A blessing in disguise, too funny :)
Any way, should you ever have the misfortune to drop a camera, cell phone, whatever, in the water, proceed as above and then bury it in a bowl of rice (uncooked, of course) for a day or so to dry it out. It worked for this camera and this picture was taken with the cleaned and dried camera.  

So about the card. I bought some Tim Holtz distress crayons yesterday and experimented with them on some watercolor paper. (I'm sure this would work with the Stampin' Up crayons as well). I went over the inside of the butterfly with coordinating color markers to bring out the image a bit more. Fun to play around with for a washed background effect and the watercolor paper gives it some texture.

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