Monday, May 23, 2016

Washi projects

Hello everyone, I hope you have all been doing well. I have been working on the garden, painting, and catching up on my reading lately. I have really missed my daily crafting time and have resolved to set time aside for that pursuit every day. I have stacks of unused Stampin' Up! goodies that I haven't even cracked open yet and the new catalog is right around the corner. Don't know where the time goes. Soon it will be June and my Billy will have completed his first year at college! And I got through it, even though I still miss him every single day.

This project was one that came through on my Facebook feed from Nifty, and is super easy if you have some washi tape you're wondering what to do with. Love the corner bookmarks, I'm going to try some that are hand doodled and colored. Have you seen all of the big girl coloring books out there? We could have told them years ago just how satisfying coloring things was :)

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mudmaven said...

It is so hard when they leave the nest. Hopefully he will be coming home for the summer! I am lucky that even though my son (the baby of the family) left and moved away, he did end up coming home again and now all five of of the boys live in the area. I am one spoiled mama! I love these washi tape bookmarks! And really, they should have asked us years ago about the benefits of coloring! Love that it is getting mainstream now though. ~chris